Tuesday 20 March 2018

Time to blog !

Well, I finally decided to do it......to blog!
It seems like I'm being left behind in this fast and furious world.
Newsletters are out and blogs are in.
I mean I don't even have a smart phone or what's app !!

So, it is time to grab this fast and furious world by the scruff of the neck and show it who the boss is.
As it was with my newsletter, I wont be posting something everyday, only when needs must.
Regarding themes, well I guess I will be posting things which I need to get out of my system and things which I think may be of interest to others.

My newsletter included things like latest news, tours, new CD's etc.
All of these things are available on my homepage anyway so blogging opens up another dimension for me, one which will take me and my readers into the great unknown :-)

Of course I will be welcoming your comments to my blogs, thumbs up or thumbs down.

Here we go then..................................................................



  1. Hi Steve I just wanted to know when you are doing a show in Birmingham next. Thought it would be good to catch up with some good vibes again

    1. The good vibes will have to wait until November I'm afraid !


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